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Keraben Factory

Keraben Group, founded in 1975 as Gres de Nules, manufactured ceramic tiles using the then innovative single firing process. The Group's second firm Keraben founded in 1984 achieved stupendous growth in a short span of time which led to the merger of two companies in 2001 creating Keraben Group. In the last 40 years The Keraben Group has diversified into many businesses and is a large conglomerate with business interests in primarily Ceramic tiles and other businesses of Distribution, Bathroom interiors, Raw Materials and Agriculture, with an annual sale of 120 million Euros and a presence in over 120 countries.

Arcis has tied up with the Keraben Group for distributing their world class ceramic and porcelain tile range in India.


Today Keraben is one of the top ceramic business groups in the world and is a recipient of the following awards:

  • Principe Felipe Award for Business Excellence in the Industrial Quality category
  • Principe Felipe Award for Business Excellence in the Business Competitiveness category
  • Dirigentes Award for technological innovation granted by Dirigentes
  • DHL ATLAS Award for the export Group's business record
  • Nova Award for the Group's business record granted by the Valencia Regional Government
  • 1st Prize in the Economics/ Spencer Stuart Business Ethics Award
  • Economia3 Award for the Group's business record. IVEX Export Award.

Disclaimer: All above brands and their copyright and trademark rights belong to  Keraben Group.

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